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Testimonial of Exhibitors

We have participated since 2002, the quality of the visitors I have seen quite well, very specific.

Our motive to participate is to position the brand, together with known customers and mainly to have access to the previous customers. profitability is reflected in the position of the brand because it is the most important for us.

-Faisal Jaber

it is the fifth time we have participated, since 2006 and we find it profitable, it is the exhibition that has helped us in the growth since that year when we only had a branch in Mexicalli, this event has been a platform to grow and have today 6 branches throughout the republic.

-Jorge Velasco

It is our fourth participation and represents an important meeting point for the industry, not only with our customers but also to make a brand presence, that people know us, the advantage of coming to AHR is that people are looking for us.

-Alfredo Díaz

We have participated several editions in the show, generally, we come to present new products, and have the opportunity to introduce them to new markets.

The event saves us a lot of time to visit our national clients in one place giving us the opportunity to strengthen ties.

-Carlos Sánchez

We have participated in all AHR EXPO-México® shows and with great success every year, we always receive new clients that we have found and contacted at the event.

Participating in AHR is getting new clients, unlike we did it out of the show, it would actually take months if there is a lot of time savings.

-Roberto López

The point of view of profitability is very premature to know we need to check the contacts we made, the presentation cards that we collect and analyse if they will be quality contacts that we are looking for, the event is an excellent medium that gives us the opportunity to launch new products and power capture the desired attention.

-Francisco Ayala

Every time has been more profitable definitely with the passage of time, the dissemination of information and participation of people have increased, every year we have seen improvements, increasingly better organized, could not say with excellency how many sales or contacts we collect but that has improved the event and the quality of visitors is a fact.

-Jonathan López Munive

For us it is an excellent promotion, when we are in this type of events we arrive the old customers simply to reconfirm the use of our brand and the clients can know us or little more, every two years in the show we do very well, much better than when we do not participate.

There is a great quality of participants, potential customers.

-Victor Mayorga

AHR is a very profitable event for our company, since its inception in the USA helped us to contribute to being number one in the ventilation industry and here in México we are already going the same way, and it helps us to promote our factories.

The quality of customers has been very good, people of all kinds of charges come, wanting to acquire new technologies and that is what matters to us.

-Dirson Báez
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